What is the

The Georgia Canoeing Association (GCA) is a Georgia canoe and kayak club. The GCA has approximately 1000 single and family memberships. The paddling skills of its members range from beginners who join the club to take advantage of its training program, to experts who paddle the most challenging rivers in the country.

The club has members who paddle canoes and members who paddle kayaks. On any club paddling trip, both are likely to be represented.

The GCA draws most of its members from the Atlanta metro area and north Georgia. However, there are also active members in central and south Georgia and the surrounding southeastern states.

The GCA is an affiliate of
The American Canoe Association and
The American Whitewater Affiliation.

The GCA's purpose is to promote recreational paddling, river courtesy, skill development and river safety. One of the GCA's primary objectives is to promote proficiency and safety on the water through instruction and awareness. The GCA advocates "safety through education, not through regulation."

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